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How to Step Up Your Digital Marketing Game in Pakistan

Digital marketing is evolving more than ever before. Every business and entrepreneur has already or is planning to go online. All these people are now understanding the importance of having an online presence. New technologies are being discovered. This has given birth to innovative marketing strategies that are going to pave the way in the year 2020. You need to take the right steps to ensure that your brand is delivering exactly what you aim to achieve.

The year 2020 will see a rise in technological advancements. It will also see a surge in adoption of dynamic marketing strategies. So how can you step up your digital marketing game this year without the need of an online marketing agency or digital marketing services?


Haven’t decided that yet? Lucky for you, here is a list of digital marketing techniques and strategies that will help you get leverage over your competitors in the year 2020.

Embrace the Chatbots

Gone are the days when businesses hired a bunch of customer service representatives to answer and resolve each query asked by their customers. It’s time you level up as well. Chatbots are taking over the entire digital marketing landscape. Each and every interaction a customer makes is being handled by automated chatbots.

There are a number of reasons chatbots are trending these days. For starters, they aren’t like human beings. They are much faster and smarter than your average customer care representative. Chatbots can handle and resolve queries efficiently and effectively without the need for human intervention. They can gather information in real time and answer queries on a plethora of issues.

Their ability to recognize and validate data and to provide accurate results to users make them a preferred choice. If you want to have the upper hand in the digital landscape, then it’s about time you let chatbots take care of your customers while you make sure all the other business operations are running seamlessly.

The Rise of Video Marketing

Video marketing is taking over in a big way. almost every other business is  now allotting a budget to include video marketing in their digital marketing services. It has become so popular that a number of online marketing agencies are even offering video marketing services. So why are people going crazy over video marketing all of a sudden?

The answer is simple. It saves time and effort. These days the online consumers have become impatient. They want instant results at the tap of a single button. They aren’t bothered about 2000 word blog posts they are looking for informative and engaging content that isn’t time-consuming. Video marketing is the alternative approach that helps you increase your brand awareness without boring your audience to death.

Marketing Automation is Beneficial

Automation is governing the way businesses will market in this and the coming years. For most visitors, a website can be a plain old online brochure that adds little value to their life. This is where you need to step your game and invest in marketing automation as it offers serious benefits. There are numerous marketing automation software out there that can help you get the results you’ve been seeking.

HubSpot, Marketo, and Eloqua are a few such marketing software that can help you get more customers and prospects. However, when planning to invest in a marketing automation software ensure that it includes tools like web visitor identifier and analytics, lead scoring, dynamic forms, tracking and monitoring tools, and email automation.

With the right marketing software, you will be able to persuade your customers in choosing your business over your competitors. If your business operates on a b2b model then get started with a marketing automation software right away as your products/services are highly dependant on acquiring new customers.

Paid Advertisements are the Future

No matter how good and effective your digital marketing strategy may be you can always benefit from paid advertisements. Social media marketing should be your top priority when it comes to paid advertisements. You need to stipulate a budget that accommodates your paid advertising efforts as well. Social media platforms like Facebook have a large majority of users.

These platforms provide a healthy ground where you can target diverse demographics. They also provide a number of options when it comes to paid advertisement. However, you must always follow the best practices to ensure that your marketing efforts aren’t going to waste. You must consider the following:


  • The Right Demographic – Who are you planning to target? Is it millennials or senior citizens? Knowing your target audience will help you customize your offerings and marketing strategies according to their requirements.
  • Different Ads have Different Results – You can test and try different ad types (carousel, video, lead ads) to figure out the ones that work best for you.
  • Try Remarketing – Remarket your products/services to the people who have already interacted with your business.
  • Have a Budget – Budgeting is an essential factor when it comes to paid advertising. See what works for you and how you can minimize your daily advertising costs.



The ever-changing digital marketing landscape rewards those who embrace innovative strategies. Incorporate the above-mentioned digital marketing strategies and you are all set for success in the year 2020.

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