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How do I know if my website is SEO friendly?

To know whether your website is SEO friendly or not you need to ensure that your website has the following aspects:

Clear names without spaces are a good starting point for ensuring your website is SEO friendly. It is also important to have no underscores and other characters in the URLs. These small but essential aspects determine the SEO friendliness of your website.

Parameters should be avoided as they can make your websites less inviting. This also has a negative effect on the user, making them less likely to share your website.

In certain conditions, you can replace underscores with hyphens. However, it is important to note that this should be done when your website is new and has been indexed by search engines. Subsequently, you can redirect your website to pages that contain hyphens. But, do remember to do this only when you have a new non-indexed website. If you already have a website that is ranked well by search engines there is no need to follow this step, as other factors are already into play.

Generally, the advice remains the same to avoid the use of underscores in your links and avoid building dynamic links.

If you still feel unsure about the SEO friendliness of your website we suggest you use an SEO tool like SEOptimer. This tool helps you find the SEO score of your website.


How do I make a website SEO friendly?

Nobody can argue with the importance of an SEO friendly website. It drastically improves your visibility by boosting your SERP (search engine rating pages) results. To make your website SEO friendly use the following simple tips:


Simplify your URLs – You must make your URLs user-friendly. You can make your website user-friendly by analyzing all your URLs and simplify them to make them unique. Make sure that your page URL is relevant to the content you have posted on the corresponding page.

Avoid duplication – Duplication of content can lead to a penalty from Google. Needless, to say it has a negative impact on your website SEO. Plagiarism is a serious offense and you should be on the lookout to ensure that all your external and internal content should be non-plagiarized.

Multi-Device Compatibility – You should ensure that your website is compatible with all devices. This will help you rank higher in Google search results because different users would be visiting your website through different devices. Your website should adapt according to the dimensions of the device it is being accessed from.

Internal Linking – You should focus on internal linking the content on your website. This will ensure that your visitors stay longer on your page and have more reading material to keep their interest spiked.

Image Optimization – Optimize your images for maximum SEO friendliness. Optimizing your images will allow you to build page authority and give you better visibility.

Follow the aforementioned simple tips and you’ll be able to make your website SEO friendly.

What is content marketing, and should it be a priority for my website?

Content marketing is the distribution of educational, informational, or entertaining reading material aimed to increase your customer engagement and interaction.

It is the use of content to market your products or services by adding value to your customer’s lives. It is a strategic marketing approach that helps you publish, share, and distribute information in a meaningful way. By sharing useful, valuable, and compelling content consistently, you can gain new and retain old customers.

The purpose of content marketing is to capture the interest of the reader and convert this curiosity into profitable customer action. Good content marketing allows you to highlight your offerings in such a way that people are naturally drawn towards them.

Content marketing should be a top priority for every online business owner and entrepreneur who strives to make their business profitable. The reason behind this is that content serves as the foundation of your brand identity. It is through content that people get to know about you.

Content marketing allows your website to become SEO friendly. When you post content with proper SEO incorporation it boosts your organic traffic. This is because people are searching using specific keywords and search terms. When Google algorithm finds these search terms and keywords in your content it automatically ranks you higher in the search results. But, make sure the keywords you opt to have a good amount of traffic.

Conclusively, content marketing should definitely be a priority for your website.


Is page loading speed getting more important than ever for SEO?

The world of SEO is going to see a number of changes in the year 2020. This year SEO will become a lot more difficult and would require more than traditional blogging and content updates. A number of factors will be governing SEO in 2020. One such factor would be your page load time.

It is important to reduce the page load time of your website as this will have a negative impact on your entire SEO strategy. When users visit your site they expect your pages to load quickly without any delays. If your page takes too long to load, the user becomes uninterested and oftentimes frustrated. This frustration results in the user exiting your website. This makes your exit rate higher and it ultimately affects your SEO strategy.

The importance of fast page load time was demonstrated in a study conducted by In their study, they found that over half of internet users expect a website to load within 2 seconds. Any longer and the frustration starts kicking in, eventually leading to the user exiting the site.

Another study conducted by Akamai found that when users experienced slow loading pages they were less likely to visit the same website again. This behavior was noted in three-quarters of the web users.

Both the studies highlight just how important it is to have a faster page loading time that is within 2 seconds.


What are some components a business website needs?

When designing and launching a website there are certain components that are essential for a business website. Some of these include:


An attractive homepage – Your business website should have an attractive homepage that informs your users about your brand and highlights your key offerings. Your homepage should be appealing and informative and should add value to the reader’s life. Most often a homepage is the first page a user visits when they surf through your website. There are certain things you should keep in mind when designing a homepage. It should answer the following questions:

  • What are your offerings?
  • What are your expertise and capabilities?
  • What kind of audience do you serve?
  • How are you different?
  • Who are your clients?


Uncluttered easy navigation – it is important to constantly improve and enhance the user experience. You can do this easily by choosing less cluttered web design themes that actively make use of negative space. This helps in improving the readability and overall appearance of your website. You must also ensure easy navigation, so your user doesn’t have a problem navigating your website.


Include a search feature – To make things more convenient for your users, you can incorporate a search feature in the form of a search bar or a box. By doing this visitors can easily search for things they would like to see. This improves your page experience by making navigation easier. This value-added feature will save your users from manually navigating your website.

There are many more essential components necessary for a business website but these three take the lead.

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