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10 Difficult Things About Graphic Designing In Pakistan

In this digital era, graphic designing has become a fundamental requirement. The creativity, flexibility, and scope have made graphic designing a preferred occupation by many. This surge in graphic designers has resulted in cut-throat competition and oversaturation in the graphic designing profession. But, higher competition and oversaturation aren’t the only difficulties in graphic designing. Here are the top 10 difficulties faced by professionals in the graphic designing industry. These difficulties will help you determine if graphic designing is the right profession for you or not.

Fast Turnaround Time

Graphic designing tasks often have time-restraints. Clients can become impatient and even drop down the entire project if they don’t get their design(s) on time. This is a fairly common challenge faced by all graphic designers. Clients who opt for web design services often expect the graphics to be delivered to them as soon as possible. However, fast turnaround time can result in a lack of creativity and innovation.

Finding a Balance Between Thinking and Doing

‘Design thinking’ and ‘design implementation’ are two separate things. Graphics designers are creative people they can help you give life to your dreams. However, designers are bound by technology and possibilities. What might seem good while brainstorming, might never be implemented because it simply isn’t possible. Therefore, graphic designers are often plagued by finding a balance between thinking something and actually doing it.

Being Relevant

The digital world is constantly changing and evolving. This makes it essential for graphic designing professional to stay updated with the technological changes that occur and also become familiar with the latest tools.

Staying Updated With Industry Trends

Just like technological changes, industry trends keep getting modified. what might be trending a few months ago might not remain relevant and in demand now. Graphic designers must be aware of all the latest trends that occur not only in graphic designing but also in specific industries. The health industry will have different trends than the fashion industry. Therefore, it is important for graphic designers to constantly learn the trends being picked and the ones that are being discarded.

Adopting a Holistic Approach

Modern graphics designing demands specialization and treating individual design aspects skillfully. It requires a holistic approach. Graphic designers are often troubled by finding a holistic approach within a design project. Project brief, creative ideas, guidelines, and stipulated time frames all need to managed collectively as well as individually. This can become a big concern for designers especially the ones who are new to this industry.

Being Unique

This is perhaps the most difficult thing about graphic designing. Each client and each prospect demands a unique concept supported by aesthetic graphics. However, things aren’t this easy. Uniqueness and originality can’t be faked. They evolve naturally over time. To stay unique designers must always bear brand values, ethos, integrity, and honesty in mind. You cannot spark inspiration by following the same trends, fonts, and styles used by thousands of other designers. Inspiration can only be sparked when you treat each project singularly and attempt it with honesty.

Being Multi-Skilled

Another problem faced by individuals in the graphic designing industry is being multi-skilled. In today’s digital landscape, simple knowledge about design, typography, conceptual thinking, and execution skills isn’t enough. Designers are required to learn interactive and responsive designs supported by the latest technology. Moreover, they must also learn motion graphics so they can facilitate web design services in enabling a smooth user experience.

Remembering the Fundamentals of Design

Technology and trends might change but the fundamentals of design remain the same. Designers need to keep this mind when working on a project. They must remain true to the core conceptual ideas while keeping up with technological changes.

Promoting New Talent

Due to the oversaturation of graphic designers, the marketplace doesn’t provide a substantial platform for new talent to flourish. Even now there are numerous graphic designers that have phenomenal capabilities and skills but are not getting the exposure and recognition they deserve. There needs to be a non-web based portal that would empower new talent to showcase their ability while supporting them financially

Personal Interactions

Our generation relies heavily on the internet. This has led to the decline of personal interactions. Designers and clients connect mainly through calls, emails, or social media. They rarely meet in person. This form of communication is very one-dimensional and can be easily misinterpreted. Designers need to find a better solution to maintain healthy relationships with the right clients. Personal communication is crucial for creativity and to establish goodwill. Moreover, certain projects are better executed if you meet your clients in person or interact verbally.


Graphic designing is a fun and exciting profession but like every other profession, it comes with its own drawbacks. The above-mentioned points are the most difficult things about graphic designing. Fortunately, you can overcome them all. If you plan to avail web design services in the future just make sure that the agency you work with also supports and facilitates you in graphic designing.

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